How to buy PCSO Lotto Ticket online?

In Manila, many lottery enthusiasts are curious to know if they can purchase PCSO Lotto tickets through the Internet. The current digital era has made it so that a multitude of transactions can be completed online, leaving many to wonder how they might go about securing their tickets in this manner.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) clearly states that only tickets purchased from authorized lotto outlets are deemed valid. Therefore, if you come across any websites offering online sales for lotto tickets, including 6/58, 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, 6/42, Swertres/3D, EZ2/2D, or STL tickets, you should approach with caution as it could potentially be a scam.

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Buy PCSO Lotto Ticket Online

As of now, the PCSO doesn't have an option to purchase lotto tickets online, although they are considering introducing this feature in the coming times.

At the moment, the only online engagement available for lotto enthusiasts is to check the draw results.

In the meantime, eager players can purchase PCSO lotto tickets at any of the more than 7,700 outlets scattered across the nation, from Monday to Friday, to partake in the thrilling games they present.

How to check the winning combination online?

There are several methods to verify the PCSO winning numbers online. One reliable source is the website stlresult.today. Additionally, players can tune in to various social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to watch the draws live. The official PCSO also broadcasts its lotto draws on these channels for enthusiasts to follow along.

How to buy the lotto tickets?

Each ticket for the major lotto games is priced at P24.00, which already includes the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST). To purchase one, just visit any authorized lotto outlet in your vicinity.

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